F-16AM Fighting Falcon 1/72 Die Cast Model Romanian Air Force, 2017

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In 1979, the F-16 Fighting Falcon entered service as a multi-role jet fighter that changed into an all-weather aircraft capable of handling 9-g turns. As a relatively inexpensive purchase and low-cost maintenance, the U.S. and 25 other countries quickly made the F-16 part of their inventory. Also referred as the "Viper" by its pilots, this variant of the Falcon is scheduled to remain in U.S. Air Force service until 2025.

This 1/72 scale, die cast model is a Hobby Master replica of a F-16AM Fighting Falcon from the Romanian Air Force in 2017, featuring authentic markings and paint scheme, engraved panel lines, a rotating propeller, a well-equipped cockpit, and a display stand. Measures 8¼" long with a 5½" wingspan.

Hobby Master: HA3859