E-2C Hawkeye 1/72 Die Cast Model VAW-126 "Seahawks", USS Harry S. Truman, May 2011

Hobby Master

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Established in 1969, the VAW-126 Seahawks were equipped with an E-2A Hawkeye at Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia. Before it flew with the Seahawks, the aircraft was operated by VAW-120, -124, and -121. Eventually aviation technology progressed and the E-2A was upgraded to an E-2C with an 8-blade propeller. In May 2011, the VAW-126 was assigned to USS Harry S. Truman during its maiden voyage, and they're still together. This Hobby Master 1/72 scale, die cast model features markings and scheme of VAW-126, USS Harry S. Truman, May 2011, as well as opening canopies, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 13½" wingspan.