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24th Foot Defending with Bayonet, No.3 William Britain (20211)

William Britain

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1:30 Scale

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  • Aprroximately 2.5" tall
  • All metal construction
  • Hand painted and ready for display
The 22" Common socket bayonet was gruesomely nicknamed "The Lunger" by the men in the field. The bayonet was purely a stabbing weapon - it had no sharp edges, except for the point - and its triangular design made it a particularly nasty instrument for those unlucky enough to come up against it. Frequently misidentified as the Pattern ‘76, the official designation was the "Bayonet Common Long" and was marked with the War Department stamp, and Enfield inspection marks (after July 1882 socket bayonets were also marked with the date of manufacture). The majority of the Common bayonets were manufactured by the Royal Small Arms factory Enfield, however the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA), produced 5,000 in the 1877 production year.