A Novel Concept (Signature Edition) - Stan Stokes Art Print

Stan Stokes

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Stan Stokes. Mistels were combination aircraft flown by the Luftwaffe during World War II, and featured a manned fighter-usually a Bf-109 or Fw-190-connected to an obsolete Ju-88. The bottom-mounted, unmanned bomber was equipped with an impressive assortment of explosives, often menacingly jutting out from the cockpit, and was released as a missile on ground targets below. Because the Ju-88 only flew one way during these missions, the mistels had superior range and bomb capacity when compared to manned bombers.

Here, depicting one of the final mistel campaigns of the war, the bomber is released with its rudimentary guidance system locked onto the targeted bridge. This limited edition print is signed by the artist and three German Air Force pilots: Kurt Kesten, Karl Rubmeyer, and Karl-Heinz Wiesner. 16"x 11½".