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Military Conflict:

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  • Hard Cover
  • 257 Photos & illustrations
  • 232 pages
An Illustrated Identification Guide
Williford & Batha. An illustrated identification guide to all the types of mobile field artillery (wheeled) adopted for service by US military forces (Army, Navy, Marine Corps) in the modernera. Covers the period from 1875 and the first breechloading, rifled guns through types adopted during the Korean War. Major types profiled are field and infantry artillery, mountain guns, siege artillery, anti-tank guns, and naval landing guns. Each type of gun is described in text, drawings, and photos. Included are the history of the type's development, major features, production, combat usage, and comments about surviving examples. It will prove to be a valuable reference guide to military historians, students of artillery technology, and those caring for or collecting surviving examples. This book is the first comprehensive guide to American mobile artillery ever to be published.