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Douglas DC-6 Mainliner 1/24 Balsa Kit

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Faster and larger than their DC-4 predecessors, more than 700 DC-6s were built by the Douglas Aircraft Company from 1946 to 1958. Many even still fly today in cargo, military, and wildfire control roles.

A replica of one of those versatile aircraft, this 1/24 scale, balsa kit has a mammoth, 5-foot wingspan when assembled! You get 271 hand selected, laser-cut balsa wood parts; plenty of vacuum-molded parts, including outboard and inboard nacelles, cowls, a windshield, nose cone, and scoop set; and more. Suitable for electric-powered flight or display, it has a 60" wingspan. Note: this kit is intended for experienced builders. Assembly is required and certain parts and materials such as covering and wheels are not included and are to be purchased seperately.