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Downed But Not Forgotten (Signature Edition) - Stan Stokes Art Print

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Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own commemorative artwork signed by a Vietnam War aviator and a Medal of Honor winner!

Stan Stokes. On March 10, 1966, flying over the dangerous A Shau Valley area in Vietnam, Col. Dafford "Jump" Myers sustained heavy damage in his A-1E Skyraider and had to make an emergency landing at an airstrip in the lower valley camp. Failing to jettison his 300-gallon drop tank, however, Myers' aircraft burst into flames upon landing. Fellow USAF pilot Col. Bernard Fisher — unable, through the air, to keep his squadron mate safe from nearby ground troops — risked his own life by landing, sustaining 19 bullet holes, and rescuing Col. Myers. Fisher became the first Air Force officer to receive the Medal of Honor for service in Southeast Asia. This limited edition print pays tribute to that fateful day and comes signed by the artist and Col. Fisher! 16"x 11½".