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F-22A Raptor 1/48 Kit


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Military Conflict:
Modern Conflicts
1:48 Scale

Currently Unavailable


  • Model is approximately 15.5" long with a 11" wingspan
  • Decals for 3 different versions
  • Skill level 3
The F-22 is a 5th generation USAF stealth fighter aircraft. Extremely innovative in concept and design, the "Raptor" is equipped with two F119 turbofan engines, with afterburners capable of generating vector thrust via its exhaust nozzles. The "stealth" capability is provided through the aerodynamic profile and the use of "hi-tech" materials capable of minimizing radar detectability. Evasion capability is further aided by detailed design engineering of the air intakes and exhausts to reduce heat generation from exhaust gases and also noise emission reduction. The air-to-air and air-to-surface armament systems are installed in loading bays within the fuselage in order to further minimize radar detection. The aircraft avionics are extremely advanced and able to detect, track and acquire targets even at long range.