F11F-1 Grumman Tiger 1/55 Kit

Atlantis Models

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Military Conflict:
Cold War
1:55 Scale
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  • Built model is approximately 9.5" long with a 7" wingspan
  • Skill level 2
  • Updated decals to complete either early or late version of F11F-1 in Blue Angels markings
  • Detailed cockpit with pilot and detailed landing gear
  • Comes molded in blue and clear plastic
As well has being a first-line fighter in the US Navy, the Tiger also served as the plane used by the Blue Angels, the Navy's Precision Aerobatic Team. Designed by Grumman to fill the Navy's need for a powerful, hard-hitting aircraft, with the ability to take the fight to the enemy's home ground, the Tiger carried the most modern armament available at the time. The Tiger was the first swept-wing jet to make use of the "area rule" or "wasp waist" type of fuselage. It had a wingspan of 31 ft 8 in, and a length of 40 ft 10 in. Power is provided by a Wright J65 axial-flow turbojet with afterburner, giving the aircraft a speed of Mach 2.03 or nearly 1,500 miles per hour.