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Fokker Dr.I 1/72 Display Model

Wings of the Great War

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Military Conflict:
World War I
1:72 Scale
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Wings of the Great War Series

First flying in 1917, the Fokker Dr.I was an exceptionally maneuverable triplane fighter that saw widespread service with the Luftstreitkräfte in the spring of 1918.

Add one of those World War I-era fighters to your collection! Part of the new Wings of the Great War series, this limited edition, newly tooled, 1/72 scale, resin display model of the famous Fokker Dr.I flown by 80-victory ace Manfred von Richthofen, better remembered as the "Red Baron," of JG 1, "The Flying Circus," has the attention to detail that collectors love, from the finely textured surfaces that simulated fabric-on-frame construction to the wing struts and supports, fuselage-mounted Spandau lMG 08 machine guns, the Baron's familiar red paint scheme and authentic markings, and an information disc. 4" wingspan; includes a display stand with an articulating mount that presents your aircraft at any angle you choose!