GPA Amphibian 1/35 Kit Tamiya (35336)


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  • Dimensions of built kit are 5.5" long and 2" wide.
  • 3 figures are included, one of which depicts a driver.
  • Comes with 2 marking options, to recreate divisions which served in Tunisia and Normandy operations.
  • Hood opens to reveal a realistic recreation of the engine achieved with multiple parts.
  • The engine is faithfully depicted using multiple parts and can be viewed underneath the opening hood.
  • The hull-shaped form of the vehicle is accurately captured. 
The Ford GPA was a unique vehicle which was deployed not only on the U.S. side by the Army and Marine Corps, but also later by Russian forces. It was often called a "seep" (an abbreviation of "seagoing jeep") on account of its amphibious nature. The front-engine 4WD vehicle shared much of its design and parts (including the engine) with Ford's GPW. Around 12,800 units were produced by 1943.