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Hobo Queens - Stan Stokes Art Print Signature Edition

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Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own commemorative artwork signed by a World War II aviator!

Stan Stokes. On August 18, 1945, four B-32 heavy bombers — an aircraft similar to the B-29 Superfortress featuring a distinctively tall stabilizer — of the 386th Bomber Squadron, 312th Bomber Group set out on a photo-reconnaissance mission over Tokyo, Japan. Unescorted, the bombers encountered a menacing squadron of Zeroes and Tojos, forcing two of the four aircraft to turn back, leaving just the Hobo Queen and the Hobo Queen II. Despite a series of evasive maneuvers, they were each riddled with enemy fire and Sgt. Anthony J. Marchione — stationed at the rear camera hatch of the Hobo Queen — was badly wounded, tended to the rest of the flight by crewmate Sgt. Frederick Chevalier. Although each bomber did escape and land successfully, Sgt. Marchione passed away, largely considered the final USAAF combat casualty of World War II. This print depicts the Hobo Queens on that fateful day and comes signed by the artist and Sgt. Chevalier. 16"x 11½".