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Interesting Dog Fight - Stan Stokes Art Print

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Stan Stokes. On October 23, 1942, the crew of a B-17C flying out of Espirito Santo encountered a Japanese "Mavis" flying boat. During the ensuing, frantic, 45-minute dogfight, the B-17 — piloted by Lt. Ed Loberg — maneuvered in and out of squall lines and bright sunshine, ultimately downing the enemy Mavis. A war correspondent onboard during the incredible battle wrote, "During the duel, the Fort that I was on, with a bullet in one of its motors, and two holes as big as Derby hats in its wings, made tight turns with half-rolls and banks past vertical… The plane, one of the oldest being used in the war, ran at top speed, shaking and rippling all over like a skirt in a gale." This print, celebrating the legendary fight, comes signed by the artist! 16"x 11½".