Jack's Unusual Design - Stan Stokes Art Print

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Stan Stokes. John J. Jack Northrop was a pioneer of aviation technology, nearly enveloped with his passion for the tailless aircraft. After he created his own company in 1939, he won a government contract to pursue his goal: the development of the B-35 long-range bomber. Despite the fact that 200 were ultimately placed on order, only 15 were manufactured and it became clear that the piston engines would not suffice; it would have to be a jet-powered aircraft. The YB-49 was the resulting design, and, though it did prove innovative and difficult to detect on radar, only three were built and the project was canceled. The endeavor nonetheless proved invaluable as today's B-2 bomber took much of its technology from the Northrop YB-49. This limited edition print — dedicated to the memory of Jack Northrop — depicts the uniquely shaped bomber piloted over the mountainous outskirts of Edwards Air Force Base by USAF Brigadier General Robert Cardenas. Signed by the artist! 16"x 11½".