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M1841 12 Pound Howitzer 1/30 Model William Britain (31480)

William Britain

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Military Conflict:
Civil War
1:30 Scale
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  • Model is approximately 2" long
  • All metal construction
  • Hand painted and ready for display
The Model 1841 12 pound gun was a traditional artillery piece, and a state-of-the-art weapon for its time. The M1841 first saw action in the Mexican-American War, 1846, and continued in the Civil War, primarily in the Western Theater. Both sides in this conflict fielded these guns to deadly effect. At medium-to-close range its explosive shells and canister inflicted considerable carnage on any opposing troops before them. Each gun was supplied with four ammunition chests, each holding 15 shells, 20 spherical case shot, and 4 canister rounds. Each gun was crewed by 8 to 9 men, typically consisting of one sergeant (Chief-of-Piece), two corporals, and six gunners.