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M26A1 Pershing 1/35 Kit

Hobby Boss

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Used briefly at the end of World War II, the M26 Pershing — a heavy tank named after General John Pershing of the Great War — is most famous for its role in Korea. Though its firepower was no match for the Soviet T-34, it had difficulty traversing the muddy terrain and was withdrawn from service in 1951 for the M46 Patton.

Replicating an M26A1 used by the U.S. Army, this 1/35 scale plastic kit features a detailed exterior (including lower hull plates and cast texture), individual torsion-bar suspension, two-piece shocks, quality vinyl tracks, a rotating M3A1 main weapon (with multi-piece gun barrel), separate engine deck hatches, crew figures, stowage bins, on-vehicle equipment, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. Measures approximately 7½" long.