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Nieuport 17 1/72 Display Model

Wings of the Great War

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Celebrate the infancy of military aircraft with this exciting addition to the popular Wings of the Great War series!

A French biplane, the Nieuport 17 was a fighter first flown in January of 1916. It was one of the most successful aircraft of World War I, featuring excellent maneuverability and an impressive rate of climb. In the end, every Allied military used the Nieuport 17 and the Germans even copied it with their Siemens-Schuckert D.I.

Add a unique World War I-era fighter to your collection! This 1/72 scale resin display model — a replica of a Nieuport 17 flown by fighter pilot Billy Bishop, who brilliantly won 72 victories that made him the top Canadian ace of the war — features a colorful design, finely textured surfaces that simulate fabric-on-frame construction to the biplane struts and cross supports, a pilot figure, a realistic engine, realistic weaponry, fixed landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand with an articulating mount to present your model at various in-flight angles! Measures approximately 3¼" long with a 5" wingspan.

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