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Night Raiders - Stan Stokes Art Print

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Stan Stokes. One of the Allies' most influential aircraft, the Avro Lancaster completed 156,000 missions and dropped 608,612 tons worth of bombs during World War II. The Lancaster initially executed daytime bombing raids, though, ultimately, it proved no match for the Luftwaffe's experienced fighter pilots; in turn, the RAF shifted its role to that of a strategic nighttime bomber and, by war's end, many German cities lay in rubble. This is not to say, however, that the Lancaster and its crews were without adversity. In fact, as the Luftwaffe's night fighter force strengthened, the average lifespan of a crew flying the heavy bomber was only 6-7 missions. This print depicts a courageous Lancaster crew at work on yet another nighttime bombing raid over Nazi-occupied territory. Signed by the artist! 16"x 11½".