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P-39 Airacobra

Schiffer Publishing

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Military Conflict:
Wolrd War II

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  • Dimensions: 9" wide x 9" tall
  • 113 Pages
  • 240 images & illustrations
Bell Fighter in World War II

Doyle. With a midengined configuration, sturdy tricycle landing gear, and nose-mounted 37 mm cannon, the Bell P-39 was a thoughtful and innovative design. However, the plane lacked the all-out performance of some other key fighters available to Allied fliers (e.g., Spitfire, Hellcat, Mustang), particularly at altitude. Largely rejected by British and American combat squadrons, the Airacobra was much better received in the Soviet Union, where the Red Air Force successfully deployed large quantities of the type against the Luftwaffe. This new entry in the Legends of Warfare series features detailed photographic coverage of all variants of the Airacobra, including prototypes, trainer versions, production models C through Q, and the P-400.