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Precision Single Edge Model Kit Nipper

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Fine-Tuned Precision: Single Edge Model Kit Nipper for Delicate Craftsmanship

Unleash the artistry in your model-making with the Precision Single Edge Model Kit Nipper. This tool is crafted for meticulous detail, featuring a single-edge flush nipper that ensures neater sprue removal, especially ideal for delicate features. Designed exclusively for plastic, its fine blade edge guarantees a clean cut every time. The package includes a case and blade sheath for safe storage, while the non-slip grip and spring-loaded mechanism make for effortless and controlled use. Elevate your crafting precision with the Single Edge Model Kit Nipper, where every cut is a brushstroke of perfection.


  • Single Edge Flush Nipper for Neater Sprue Removal
  • works great for delicate features
  • for plastic only
  • fine blade edge
  • case and blade sheath included
  • non slip grip
  • spring loaded, for easier use