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Scratch One Flat Top (Signature Edition) - Stan Stokes Art Print

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Stan Stokes. Introduced with the U.S. Navy in 1937, the highlight of the TBD Devastator's career came in May of 1942 during the legendary Battle of the Coral Sea. On May 7, the USS Lexington and Yorktown launched 93 aircraft — including two squadrons of Devastators — on an attack mission targeting Japanese warships.

This Signature Edition print recreates that historic day, as R. F. Farrington, T.R. Wiebe, and Walter N. Nelson of VT-2 fly their warbird over the Shoho, helping to finish her off and sink the first significant vessel of the Imperial Navy during the war. The incredible feat was followed by the simple, "Scratch one flat top" radio message transmitted in recognition of victory. In addition to being signed by the artist, this colorful artwork is also autographed by two members of the historic mission: T.R. Wiebe and Walter N. Nelson! 16"x 11½".