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Second Wave to Baghdad - Stan Stokes Art Print Signature Edition

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Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own commemorative artwork signed by a Gulf War aviator!

Stan Stokes. Developed by the legendary Skunk Works team, the F-117 Nighthawk — under the cloak and dagger "Have Blue" program — was first flown in the late 1970s when two 60% scale aircraft were built and tested. The uniquely designed stealth attack warbird was officially introduced into the U.S. Air Force fleet in October of 1983 and, even then, it was not made public until 1988. The Nighthawk was initially given an opportunity to showcase its talents during the Gulf War, flying numerous strike missions against strategic Iraqi targets. The 37th Tactical Fighter Wing, under the command of Colonel Alton Whitney, was the unit responsible for the F-117's first combat duty, dropping 2,000-pound, laser-guided bombs on radar sites and communication/control centers, all the while facing heavy anti-aircraft fire. Featuring an impressive 80% success rate, the Nighthawk finished the war having completed a total of 1,271 sorties. This print depicts an airborne F-117A of the 37th FW against the majestic Middle Eastern sky backdrop. Signed by the artist and Col. Whitney! 16"x 11½".