Su-25 SM "Frogfoot" 1/72 Die Cast Model

Hobby Master

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In September 2015, twelve Russian Su-25SM Frogfoot aircraft had been deployed to Hmeimim (Khmeimim) airbase in Latakia province, Syria to support the Syrian Government in its battles with ISIS and opposition forces. This was seen as an opportunity to test the Su-25SM in actual combat conditions. Before leaving Syria in April 2016 the Su-25SM had flown 1,600 sorties and dropped 6,000 bombs, mostly un-guided. This 1/72 scale, die cast model from Hobby Master replicates the famous aircraft, and features realistic panel lines and surface details, authentic markings, an opening canopy that reveals a well-equipped cockpit, interchangeable landing gear, and a display stand. 8 ½" wingspan.