Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1975-90 New Vanguard

Osprey Publishing

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Military Conflict:
Cold War
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  • 48 pages
  • Professionally illustrated throughout, including battlescene artwork, maps, 3D diagrams and photographs.
  • Softcover
  • Dimensions are 7" wide by 10" tall
The ultimate generation of Cold War heavy armor

A comprehensive, illustrated account of the new generation of advanced tanks to emerge during the last 15 years of the Cold War, showcasing major improvements in armor protection, gunsights, and fire-control systems. Focusing on the technology of the period, author Steven J. Zaloga explains how the demands of a potential Cold War battlefield spurred the development of the 20th century's most advanced tanks. He considers the final versions of the Soviet T-72, T-64, and T-80 and assesses their strengths and weaknesses. He also explores how the failure of the US-German MBT-70 project led to America's development of the M1 Abrams tank, and to Germany's all-new Leopard II. The British development of the Challenger tank is also considered, as is the lesser-known Leclerc tank developed by France, the smallest and lightest of any of the western designs. Featuring superbly detailed new illustrations and many photos, this volume pinpoints the key technology of the era, including turbine engines, APFSDS ammunition, advanced armor and high-tech fire-control systems, and describes how the rival tanks compared in the final stretch of the Cold War arms race.