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The World Encyclopedia of Submarines

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The World Encyclopedia of Submarines: A Complete History


  • 272 pages
  • Over 700 images
  • 9" wide x 11" tall
  • Hard Cover
This fully-updated book charts over 120 years of underwater vessels, from the earliest attempts to travel beneath the waves, two World Wars and the Cold War, through to the powerful machines that permanently roam the seas today. The first part details the history of submarine design and development concluding with an overview of modern nuclear-powered submarines that patrol today's seas. The second part is a guide to over 150 submarines from around the world providing an in-depth look at the sheer inventiveness and genius of the submarine builders. Specification panels for each entry provide information on length, displacement, speed, armament, propulsion and complement. Illustrated with more than 700 historical and modern photographs, this book is an essential guide for anyone interested in naval history and warfare.