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Tough as Nails (Signature Edition) - Stan Stokes Art Print

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Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own commemorative artwork signed by a World War II aviator!

Stan Stokes. One of the most successful American units of World War II, VMF-121 scored more aerial victories than any other U.S. Marine squadron. Capt. Joseph Foss, among its most celebrated aviators, earned 26 kills during his time in the Pacific. This colorful, Signature Edition print shows Capt. Foss flying his F4F Wildcat on November 7, 1942, as he stalks an F1M2 Pete float plane. Though missing him on his first pass, Foss evaded heavy gunner fire on his second pass and claimed his 18th victory. Signed by the artist and Capt. Foss! 16"x 11½".