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Tuskegee Airmen Films - DVD

Campbell Films

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Filled with rare wartime footage, this collection highlights the "Tuskegee Airmen" - the first African-American military aviators in the United States armed forces. You'll watch the 99th Flying Training Squadron's pilots learn to fly on the P-40 Warhawk and then deploy to Italy during World War II; see victories scored by Tuskegee Airmen and their P-47 Thunderbolts; witness the hardship and heartache these men overcame; learn how the government encouraged universities, including Tuskegee College, to help in the war effort; and more. B&W and color, 1 hr. 39 min.

You get:

-The Negro Pilots

-Give This Man Wings

-Tuskegee Airmen

-Tuskegee College

-War Related Newsreels