U.S. Navy Cruisers: The Early Cruisers - DVD

Campbell Films

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This film collection covers U.S. cruisers from the beginning of the 20th century to the post-World War II era. You'll enjoy Blue Jackets, which covers the World War II fleet build-up; A Day Aboard a Cruiser, which portrays life aboard WWII cruisers, from reveille to bedtime taps; Cruiser Newsreels,which features a wide variety of footage of U.S. Navy cruisers during WWII; Rust and Mothballed, which examines how the Navy protected the USS Brooklyn when the ship was retired; Night Battle of the Empress Augusta Bay, which examines the battle between the United States and Japanese navies; and Remember the Main, a bonus film that features rare footage of American cruisers - the USS Maine, USS Olympia, the USS Raleigh, and the USS Texas - in the very early 1900s. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 58 min. total runtime.