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What's Your Call Sign?

Schiffer Publishing

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  • 248 pages
  • Over 100 color photos
  • Dimensions are 7"W x 10" H
  • Hardcover
The Hilarious Stories behind a Naval Aviation Tradition
Taggart. What's Your Call Sign? is filled with cleverly written and funny stories behind the seemingly mean-spirited nicknames naval aviators use to address each other as terms of endearment. As such, these stories provide a realistic and true insight into the life of naval aviators that reveals their human side. Movies like Top Gun depict the intensity and professional drive of naval aviators trying to become the best of the best. This book peels back the onion and shows a sillier side to these intrepid warriors. No book has ever attempted to share this kind of behind-the-scenes look at naval aviation and the men and women inside those multimillion-dollar aircraft. Beautiful images of naval aviation in action accompany these hilarious anecdotes.