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Working the Night Shift - Stan Stokes Art Print Signature Edition

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Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own commemorative artwork signed by the only Naval ace of the Korean War!

Stan Stokes. Cdr. Guy P. "Lucky Pierre" Bordelon is one of the most distinguished aerial aces in American history, holding numerous accolades including being the only U.S. Naval pilot to achieve ace status during the Korean War, the final F4U Corsair ace, and the last American to become an ace in a propeller-driven aircraft. This limited edition print depicts Cdr. Bordelson — in his "Annie Mo" Corsair — returns to the deck of the USS Princeton after a night mission over Korea in June of 1953. During a three-week period that summer, he flew three night interdiction sorties and bagged five Bed Check Charlies. Signed by the artist and Cdr. Bordelon! 16"x 11½".