U.S. Navy's A-4 Skyhawk - DVD

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This collection of archival films and newsreels about the A-4 Skyhawk - a carrier-capable attack aircraft developed for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps - includes ID the A-4 Skyhawk, which explains how to identify the A-4; Skyhawk Blue Angels, a documentary about a day in the life of the U.S. Navy's "Blue Angels"; Ready on Arrival, which examines the role the U.S. Navy plays around the world; Skyhawk Newsreels, an assortment of newsreels, including footage of test flights and missions over Vietnam; James Stockdale, POW, which tells the story of an A-4 pilot who spent seven years as a POW at the "Hotel Hilton" in Vietnam; and Search and Rescue, which details a pilot's rescue after being shot down off the Vietnam coast. B&W and color, 1 hr. 28 min total runtime.