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US Half-Tracks Schiffer (9780764364891)

Schiffer Publishing

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Military Conflict:
World War II
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  • Dimensions: 9" wide x 9" tall
  • 112 pages
  • 233 photos
In World War II
DoyleBased on an adaptation of the White Scout Car, the US half-track vehicles of WWII combined the cross-country ability of a fully tracked vehicle with the road performance of a medium truck. A myriad of variations of these vehicles were produced, including prime movers, armored personnel carriers, mortar carriers, and a wide range of heavily armed variants. Antiaircraft versions were often used against ground targets with devastating results. In fact, despite half-track production ending in March 1944, demand for half-track vehicles mounting quadruple .50-caliber machine guns was so great during the Korean War that additional examples were produced through the wholesale modification of personnel carriers. Although phased out of service by the US military in the late 1950s, the Israeli forces continued to use these remarkable vehicles through the 1980s. This volume includes coverage of the vehicles produced by Autocar, Diamond T, and White for use by US forces, as well as the similar International Harvester-built vehicles supplied to our allies through Lend-Lease. Illustrated with over 200 vintage photos, as well as line drawings and color profiles.